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We'd like to offer to you as a buyer on our buyhappy marketplace simple, sustainable shopping with a feeling of happiness - relaxed from home or on the road. 

As a customer, you can expect not only fair shopping environment, but also a successful shopping experience. This includes on-time deliveries, flawless goods as well as information around the order.  

Trading on our marketplace is a personal, trusting affair and should be a pleasure for all of us, for you, for our merchants and for our buyhappy team. 

In order to achieve our goal, we also need your help: 

Please observe the following principles when placing your order with us on the buyhappy marketplace. 

In advance, we and our team would like to thank you very much! 


Sustainability is an integral part of our everyday lives. By this we mean the way we think and act in such a way that we can satisfy our consumption needs without negatively impacting the livelihood of present and future generations.   

Instead of doing without, the aim is to act more consciously by making smart use of the opportunities that already exist for environmentally friendly and resource-saving economic activity.  

The items offered here must meet our sustainability criteria 100%. 

Binding principles for all suppliers contribute to fair competition on this online marketplace. This way we can offer you a high level of trust, quality and security.

We have approached the topic of sustainability from our own directions and adapted various aspects of our lifestyle accordingly. However, it quickly became clear that living sustainably can be quite complicated and sometimes exhausting, especially if you try to do everything right from the start. There are simply too many behavior patterns that, on closer inspection, are not very sustainable without being immediately obvious. Converting one's life to sustainability therefore does not happen overnight - for the vast majority of people. Instead, the change is an ongoing process during which you have to question yourself again and again.   

For us, too, this is a process that accompanies us continuously.  

The idea behind the buyhappy marketplace is to let you participate in it. To this end, we not only want to offer sustainable products on the marketplace, but also engage in an exchange with you by sharing our ideas, insights and challenges via Instagram and Facebook. In this way, we want to create a community that supports each other in living more sustainably.

We look forward to it!  


Conclusion of the Purchase Contract   

The various offers on the buyhappy marketplace do not represent binding purchase offers.  

A purchase offer comes into effect when you as a buyer click on the button "order with obligation to pay" in your shopping cart. A purchase contract between the participants of the buyhappy marketplace is only concluded when the respective seller bindingly accepts the order of a buyer. Confirmation of receipt of the order by buyhappy does not constitute acceptance. Subject to the following provisions, purchase agreements concluded on the buyhappy marketplace entitle and obligate only the participating Buyers and Sellers. buyhappy GmbH itself only becomes a party to a purchase contract if it offers its own items for sale. buyhappy does not provide any guarantee for the conclusion of contracts.  

If your order includes goods whose sale is subject to age restrictions, we will ensure through the use of a reliable process including a personal identity and age check to ensure that the customer has reached the required minimum age. The deliverer will hand over the goods only after the age check has been carried out and only to the customer in person.

After the buyhappy seller has received information about an order placed by you as a buyhappy customer, he is obliged to send you as a buyer via the buyhappy marketplace system information about the order confirmation (notification of acceptance of your order) and the tracking information of the delivery by e-mail.  

The shipping confirmation, which is sent to you as a buyer by e-mail, is also the order confirmation.  

Now the sales contract is closed.  

Any attempt to increase the selling price of an item after a transaction has been completed is prohibited. Furthermore, it is not allowed to charge disproportionately high order fees or shipping costs to you as a buyer.  

When you purchase an item through our online marketplace, you enter into a binding contract with the respective seller pursuant to § 433, para. 2 BGB (German Civil Code). You are then obligated to accept and pay for the purchased item. As a private buyer, however, you have the option to withdraw from the contract by using the right of withdrawal or return when purchasing an item from a commercial seller on the Internet. You as the buyer exercise your right of withdrawal directly against the seller. buyhappy GmbH merely provides the technical trading platform on which sellers and buyers can meet and conclude purchase contracts.

Purchase contracts can only be cancelled in exceptional cases, for example if the seller changes the item description after the contract has been concluded, if there is a clear typographical error or if the identity of the seller is unclear. The cancellation of the purchase contract must be addressed directly to the seller. 

You as a buyer must ensure that you are legally able to make purchases on the buyhappy marketplace. By registering and/or placing an order, you confirm that you are of age, fully legally capable and able to pay the purchase price. In addition to these Terms of Use, the Terms of Use of the Happies Bonus Program and the Privacy Policy apply to Buyers. 

The items offered on the buyhappy marketplace are generally shipped to the buyer by the respective seller. The seller must expressly agree to pick up the items. 

Payment of the purchase price is made via the payment methods of the buyhappy payment service providers Paypal and Stripe. The execution of the transaction via these providers is also subject to their terms of use accordingly.

Discrepancies due to an item not received must be reported to the seller within 14 days after the expiration of the agreed delivery period via our message function. 

After this time, it is technically impossible for the seller to trace where the package was lost. 

We can no longer refund the purchase price if 

  • you as the buyer have not reported the non-receipt of the item in time 
  • the seller can prove the receipt of the item by submitting a delivery confirmation. 

Your statutory warranty rights against the seller are not affected by the above provisions. 

Return of Purchased Items 

Before returning an item, please report your return request directly to the seller via Messages. The seller will then provide you with the return information and a return label. The reimbursement of the resulting return postage is regulated by the cancellation policy and § 357 paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB). In order to avoid high acceptance costs for the seller, please do not return the item freight collect under any circumstances. 

Principles of the Review System 

Our review system gives buyhappy marketplace participants the opportunity to rate a specific purchase transaction.  

You as a buyer may post reviews, comments and other content, submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, pictures or other information as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing or otherwise injurious to third parties or objectionable and does not consist of or contain software viruses, political campaigning, solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any form of "spam". You may not use a false email address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise misrepresent the origin of any debit or credit card or other content. We reserve the right (but assume no obligation without sufficient notice) to remove or edit such content. 

The review system is to be used by you as a buyer exclusively for this purpose. 

Without concrete suspicion buyhappy GmbH will not check the reviews. 

Each participant is obligated to provide only truthful and factual information in the evaluation and to comply with the legal regulations.  

buyhappy marketplace may delete reviews if there are concrete indications of a violation of the GTC or applicable law. There is no claim to the restoration of deleted reviews. 

If you as a buyer violate the aforementioned principles of the review system, you are obliged to compensate buyhappy GmbH for the resulting damage. In particular, you are obligated to indemnify buyhappy GmbH from any claims made by third parties against buyhappy GmbH due to an unreasonable review


Each participant shall be directly liable to third parties for any infringement of third party rights for which he/she is responsible. Each participant undertakes to compensate buyhappy GmbH for all damages incurred due to culpable non-compliance with the obligations arising from these Terms of Use. 

Each participant shall indemnify buyhappy GmbH against all claims asserted by other participants or other third parties against buyhappy GmbH due to infringement of their rights by content posted by the participant or due to infringement of other obligations. In this context, the participant shall also bear the costs of the necessary legal defense of buyhappy GmbH, including all court and attorney's fees.  

This does not apply if the participant is not responsible for the infringement. 

We at buyhappy always endeavor to ensure that is available without interruptions and that transmissions are error-free. However, due to the nature of the Internet, this cannot be guaranteed. Also, your access to may occasionally be interrupted or restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services. We try to keep the frequency and duration of any such temporary interruption or restriction to a minimum.

In particular, we do not assume any liability for force majeure, such as: server failures of the provider for which we are not responsible, power failures or manipulations by third parties.

buyhappy GmbH assumes no responsibility and is not liable for the content, accuracy, completeness or timeliness (including the availability of products) of the product advertisements created by the merchant, nor for the creation, content, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the order and shipping confirmation, the returns confirmation, as well as notifications regarding delays and cancellations, nor for the fulfillment of product labeling obligations or the merchant's information obligations in electronic commerce.

buyhappy GmbH is not liable for the conclusion or non-conclusion, nor for the fulfillment or enforceability of a purchase contract concluded with the merchant via the platform. Furthermore, buyhappy GmbH is not liable for the products offered on the platform - neither for warranty, guarantee nor for damages, product liability or other legal provisions - and is not obliged to obtain and pass on further information about the products offered.

buyhappy GmbH shall be liable to the User exclusively under the usage agreement concluded with the User. The liability of buyhappy GmbH, its legal representatives or vicarious agents shall be excluded to the greatest extent permitted by law.

In this context, buyhappy GmbH is in particular not responsible and assumes no liability for

  • a certain availability of the platform
  • the compatibility of the internet service with the user's hardware or software,
  • damages caused by improper operation of the user due to unsuitable hardware and software used as well as for malfunctions resulting from the internet connection,
  • damages or disadvantages incurred by the user due to the use of the platform by himself or a third party in violation of the law or the contract,
  • the completeness, correctness or up-to-dateness of data (especially identity data) contents, information or evaluations,
  • damages resulting from the loss of content, information or data,
  • damages from the misuse of disclosed data by third parties or from the disclosure of confidential information by the user,
  • damages resulting from input errors, including those made by users, or errors in data processing,
  • Damages resulting from any infringements of rights (in particular competition law, copyrights or other ancillary copyrights or personal rights),
  • Damages due to possible violations of information, labeling and provision obligations on the part of the merchant,
  • damages resulting from an incorrect search or sorting of the products according to the filter used by the user, goodwill solutions offered by the platform as well as any information regarding passed on goodwill solutions.

The liability of buyhappy GmbH is limited to intent and gross negligence, excluding personal injury.

Any further liability of buyhappy GmbH is excluded. In particular, buyhappy GmbH shall not be liable for atypical damages, indirect damages, loss of profit, consequential damages and financial losses or damages due to force majeure (e.g. environmental disasters, strike, war, earthquake).

In terms of amount, the liability of buyhappy GmbH is limited to the typically arising, foreseeable damage. Subject to mandatory statutory provisions to the contrary, the User's liability claims shall become statute-barred within six months of the injured party becoming aware of the damage.

Insofar as buyhappy GmbH's liability is excluded or limited on the merits or in terms of amount, this shall also apply in favor of the personal liability of buyhappy GmbH's legal representatives, executives and vicarious agents.


Trading on our buyhappy marketplace is a personal, trusting matter and should be a pleasure for all of us, you, our merchants and our buyhappy team.

Binding principles for all suppliers contribute to fair competition on this online marketplace. This way we can guarantee you a high level of trust, quality and security. In case of a dispute, buyhappy will therefore seek arbitration in accordance with the following provisions: 

In the event of a dispute with another participant (e.g. dispute about the defectiveness of a product), each participant is entitled to report the facts to buyhappy GmbH by means of a complaint. 

buyhappy GmbH will then compile the facts and, if necessary, contact both participants. 

Within two weeks of receipt of the complaint, buyhappy GmbH will then examine the facts of the case and submit a proposal for a solution to both parties. 

In order to submit the proposed solution, buyhappy GmbH is entitled to obtain legal advice and for this purpose to forward the facts of the case to a lawyer who is obliged to remain silent. Obtaining advice is not associated with additional costs for the participants.

Participants have no legal claim to the settlement of a dispute. 

Don’t worry, buy happy! ​